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Turning an unknown Mexican food blogger into a superhero.

Robert Groves is in love with all things Mexican, particularly the food. To share this passion and encourage him to continue to try cooking new dishes, he started the blog La cocina y yo (“The kitchen and I”). He knows A LOT about Mexican food and occasionally (read: always) likes to share his knowledge.

During yet another of his chili-related tales, I blurted out “Robert, you’re such a MexiGeek!” – and a new blog name was born. We discussed the premise of MexiGeek being a superhero, merging Scottish and Mexican influences and promoting the joys of Mexican cuisine.

I designed the logo and gave Robert a few tips on making the blog more user-friendly (using shorter paragraphs and a simple, legible font, etc). A year down the line, with business cards printed and tshirts and mugs for sale – traffic to the site has “nearly sextupled since the rebranding”. Described as “visibly cool”, MexiGeek is forming strong links across the world with respected Mexican suppliers, including The Cool Chile Co, Gringa Dairy and established Edinburgh favourites, Lupe Pintos.

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